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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

the best apps for android 2019

Discover here the best Android 2018 applications to use on your mobile, tablet or on your Android TV. A wide range of free and paid Android apps of all categories: communication, instant messaging, social networks, apps to download music, to watch series, ... In short, the essential Android applications you need to get the most out of your smartphone .

You will also find all the latest Android apps, updates, recommendations, useful tips, and new free apps. Of course, you will also find many curious, others little known but very interesting, and we will teach you to use the most advanced.

All applications can be downloaded from Google Play, the Android application store. In its absence, we will teach you how to download the APK from secure sites so you can use any application on your Android smartphone. Download!

The 3 best Android apps
In Android we can enjoy great applications, of great quality, with good designs and useful functionalities. However, when choosing 10 of the best applications for Android, this is our selection:


The launcher par excellence can not miss in any list of best apps. This is the most famous customization application of Google Play, which offers a host of customization options, with which to configure the appearance of the home screen to suit the user. A free application that can not miss on any smartphone.


Another of the Android applications that can not be missing is WhatsApp, the most used messaging service in the world. Although the app has been criticized on more than one occasion for its lack of options, over the last few months it has improved considerably, based on updates that bring interesting improvements and new features.

Of course, if there is an application with which WhatsApp engineers have nightmares, that is Telegram. It is a much more complete instant messaging app, with a greater number of features and a more careful appearance, especially because it offers the possibility of installing third party themes and thus configure the interface to our liking. But not only that, Telegram also has channels, calls, GIFs, quick view of articles and much more.

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