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Monday, February 18, 2019

WhatsApp Web already lets you enjoy PiP videos

Today we can finally start watching videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram from WhatsApp Web in the same way we do when we access the mobile versions of the instant messaging application. A few hours ago those responsible for it have enabled the PiP mode in the web version of WhatsApp.

Finally, WhatsApp has allowed users of WhatsApp Web to enjoy PiP mode, translated into the Cervantes language by Image in Image, to be able to view videos and other content from the chat window itself if they need to open a new web page or an external application. When playing a video of any of the aforementioned services, you can choose to view it as usual or use PiP mode, which allows you to continue chatting without losing sight of the clip or start other actions on WhatsApp.

To be able to enjoy this novelty you must first apply the update that will appear at the top of the page and that leads to service version 0.3.1846. The update is done automatically every time you start WhatsApp Web so you do not have to access any other page or download anything on your computer.

To check if you have the correct version and that you can start enjoying the PiP mode in WhatsApp Web, access the settings and click on the help option.

Also on mobile
WhatsApp for iOS has been boasting this way PiP in iPhone but in the case of Android it was not until last week when the official version of the application available in Google Play Store was updated with the possibility of enjoying videos on screen without need to exit the messaging application.

pio mode on whatsapp

After updating the app to the latest stable version 2.18.380 available in Google Play Store, whenever we share or receive a video link, whether YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, we will have the option to see it by default within the application without need to run the native application of each platform. In this way we can visualize the content from WhatsApp and we can continue having conversations while we visualize it.

With the arrival of PiP mode to WhatsApp Web now the 3 platforms where WhatsApp reigns without forgiveness (leaving Windows Phone aside) have -almost the same functions.

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