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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Easy tricks that you should know whatsapp

Since its birth about six years ago, WhatsApp has grown to have more than 1,000 million users and is one of our most common apps in many cases. From there it has also evolved with its particular rhythm adding more functions, but we do not always know how to use them or even that it exists, and here we have gathered 17 tricks for WhatsApp that gather many of them.

There are functions that are more accessible and others that are not as intuitive or that we configure outside the app itself. Do you want to send messages from the voice assistant without touching your mobile? Know who has read your message in the group? We explain how to do these and other things in WhatsApp.

1. Choose what to show
Like other messaging apps or social networks, WhatsApp allows us to configure a profile with our photo, alias and status. By default this will be visible by anyone including the last time we have connected, but we can restrict it so that only our contacts or anyone else will see it.

To do this we must go to Settings> Account> Privacy and choose the configuration we want for the avatar display, the status and the last connection time. In the case of the last connection time, we can see the rest according to what we choose: if we choose "nobody" we will not see the last connection time of the rest, and the equivalent if we choose only contacts.

2. Send over the ticks
From the beginning WhatsApp signaled the sending and receiving of messages with ticks, to later indicate the state of the reading for the receiver with the famous double tick or double blue check. This, in fact, brought some controversy precisely by giving the hint that the message had been read when this is not always desired.

In the beginning it could not be deactivated until the developers gave in to the requests of the users not satisfied with the imposition. So, if you also do not want to be notified that you have read the messages (or know if your contacts have read yours), you will have to go to Settings> Account> Privacy and uncheck the "Reading confirmation" box / switch. Of course, in the groups this function will remain active.

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