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Sunday, February 17, 2019

How to Be the First to Receive the Latest WhatsApp Update

Lately the WhatsApp betatester received new updates of this application very often, day after day they repair errors or add functions and the beta testers are the first to try the new updates

we already said that a beta tester is the first to try a software or application before being sent to the general public, be a whatsapp beta tester is to try the latest updates before other people can download them and detect if there are failures and send suggestions to the developers of this application.

Whats Alert:
Whats Alert is the application that notifies us every time a new whatsApp update comes out. It also has a tab of add-ons which are applications that add for example more emoticons for WhatsAApp and even a tool that reads messages for us, very useful if we are busy or we are in the car.

Download Whats Alert (PlayStore)

Another easier alternative to obtain the latest version of WhatsApp is to be a beta tester, enter the following link and play on becoming a beta tester and every time there is a new modification, it will appear on the PlayStore before others:

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