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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Hide online status on whatsapp

Today we want to present you a new application that allows you to keep hidden while you read and answer whatsapp messages, it is an application that promises a lot but that fulfills its main function and is to hide your whatsapp online status.

Using the application is simple since it has a tutorial and when we enter to answer or read messages from the application itself, we will never appear online. The connection of data or wifi is not disconnected either

It allows you to send and receive messages, and in short, speak in a normal way by WhatsApp without updating our online status.

This is a tool that many users of WhatsApps like (. The best: it is an easy to use and direct application.

WhatsApp Ninja is not an official application of WhatsApp Inc. and in no way has to do with its trademark.

The advantages of hiding our status is that we can read our conversations or enter a conversation to get some important information without our friends not connected, it is also a very good idea if you want to avoid problems with your partner, relationships with couples who are very jealous or possessive can have many problems by using whatsapp, there are people who do not like to see their partner all the time online and ignoring them, with this application you have the possibility to use your whatsapp normally without being connected.

The application installs my installation and has a quick and easy guide on how to configure so that everyone stores all your whatsapp messages and in this way you do not have to enter the original whatsapp application to read a message.

with hide status you can speak with total normality, you can answer your messages read the conversations with any of your contacts and always from anonymity so that your friends do not enter when it was the last time you connected to whatsapp.

At the moment the application will only let you see text messages, but if your friend sends you an image, a video or a voice note, you will not be able to see these multimedia files until you first enter the whatsapp application, however from the application if you can see emojis.

In short, I invite you to enter the play store to download the application that is currently only available for Android, however its commitment has been committed to creating a specialized application for iPhone that includes sea capable of recovering the messages that are deleted your friends

You just have to download the application from the following link:

Every time a person writes to you, you must only run the application and from reading and responding to your messages, the application allows you to send audios but not voice notes, you can also send images or videos from your gallery.

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