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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Listen to the voice notes quickly with this Application

Undoubtedly one of the things we most deal with in our whatsapp conversations is when we have a contact that sends us an audio of more than 1 minute and we must wait or advance the audio to listen to it, well if you suffer when they send you a So long audio I have the solution.

It is an application that was developed so that when a friend sent us a very long audio and we do not have time to pay the attention it deserves, we can make it play fast.

The function of the App is basically to accelerate the reproduction of the audios and although it changes a little the tone of voice is really heard and understood well, you can choose between several speeds, we could get to listen to audios of for example 5 minutes in only 2.5 minutes

The app is called talkfaster, we just have to select the audio that we have sent and share it with this application, then automatically we will see a mini menu where we can listen to the audio and make it listen faster.

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