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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Download this App for the Fingerprint Sensor

nowadays the majority of mobiles of the market integrate the function of blocking and unblocking by fingerprint or digital, this new technology for mobile revolutionizes in the market every day more, taking advantage of this function today we want to let you know an application that will complement your sensor of footprint so you can get more out of it.

We basically refer to that you can use the sensor to perform some tasks such as activating or deactivating your phone's flashlight, running an application etc, all this when you touch your fingerprint sensor once or twice, you can even add a special function at the moment you slip a finger on the surface of the sensor.

If you are a lover of music and simple things, you have a very interesting function to move on to the next song when you touch the fingerprint sensor, in this way while browsing the internet or you are on your social networks listening to good music, you can change to the next song with just a touch on the sensor.

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