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Sunday, February 17, 2019

The best method to hide your private Apps

Today we want to present a wonderful application for your important applications on your Android phone, basically we will be able to protect our secret or private apps that we do not want anyone to see installed on our mobile, in a very discreet way we will be able to enjoy our apps Preferred and achieve that those people who try to look at our mobile do not see them anywhere.

App Hider is the ideal application that fulfills this function, the operation is very simple, what it does is duplicate the app that you want to keep hidden, that is to say it duplicates them and therefore you can uninstall the original application, and when you want to run again the app that you have hidden is only necessary to open App Hider and within this you can run your application without any problem.

A very interesting feature is that you can change the icon of the App by a calculator so that no one notices that it is a tool to hide other Apps, besides you can assign a password so that every time you run App Hider you must put the password in the " calculator"

Install the App:

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