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Sunday, February 17, 2019

This App recovers deleted messages from WhatsApp and secretly looks at states!

I know that it has happened to us all many times that our contacts or our friends send us a whatsapp message and they regret it and as this app gives them the option of eliminating it for both, we are left with the doubt about the content of that message, It really is a bit frustrating because maybe it was the expected declaration of love or that crush message that you were waiting for haha, the fact is that today I want to present you a free application for android that will allow you to recover those texts that your friends no longer wanted that you read
WhatsRemoved is the ideal application to recover the conversations easily and for free, it is worth noting that you will be able to see the messages deleted from the moment you install the application, the previous messages that were deleted when you did not have the application, you will not be able to recover. 1, To install it is very easy to go to the download button that is at the end of this publication and click on the download button, this will take you to the playstore where the app is ready to install. 2. Run the app and give it all the permissions that it asks you to recover all the tetos, photos and videos that your contacts deleted, from now on the app will notify you every time someone there deleted a message for you.
3. Inside the app you will see a section where all the deleted messages will be shown.
4. porsupueso you can also recover photos, videos and voice notes but for this you must enable the option that says smart mode:
I hope you enjoy the application because it is totally free and functional, the best of all is that you no longer have the doubt about that message, now you can realize that you wrote your crush, your friend, etc, maybe it was the declaration of love that you expected so much or that hot message that you wanted haha ​​ok no.

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