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Friday, March 8, 2019

App To recover deleted messages

Today we are going to see an application that allows you to monitor notifications and folders in search of modifications and deleted messages so that you never have any doubt about the content of the messages that your contacts delete for you.

the function of this app is to allow you to recover the conversations, images, videos and audio files that your contacts delete for you

If the app detects the deletion of a message, it will be notified. It is for knowing what is happening and visualing the content; for example, showing the removing messages, records and important information.

WhatsRemoved does not send your personal information to external servers; in fact, the info is totally saved in your cellphone. WhatsRemoved neither saves all notifications. It just will save those which you select manually. The moment of  executing the app, it can be choose  as you want to recover that deleted messages. It is important to know, you can recover then after installing the app.

How is it used?

1.      Press download to install the app

2.     Installed the app, you need to accept the terms and conditions to allow the notification                   access.

3.      Now, select whatsapp in the list

4.  If you want to watch videos, images and listen to audios, please press “yes”

 5.  Finally, select all folders except the called “status” and “whatsapp profile photos”


·         It analyzes the folders to search deleted archives

·         It has a tab to visualizing every deleted message

·         It is easy to configure

·         It saves notifications record

·         It detects notifications changes and are alerted

·         You can have a tap for each app with a notification’s record

·         It has a search system for notification groups

·         It has learning algorithms of installing in a precise and simple way.

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