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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

How to download the Official Google Play Store

the google play store, is the official android platform where you can access from your mobile phone and download the applications or games on your phone, this platform is perfectly organized in various categories, from utility apps to entertainment apps and much more.

To download all you have to do is, after you find the app you want, is click on the ‘download’ button and it will download it in a very fast way, and it will not affect the way you use your phone while it’s being download it.

Can not find the app store?

This app comes with every Android device that is purchased, so if you think your device doesn’t have it, the first thing you have to do before deciding whether or not to download Play Store APK, or any other free store APK, make sure that it’s really not there.

How to download and install the google play store?

Below we are going to give you a little guide on how is the correct method to download the Google Play apps store.

 which is if you have an account you can access the google play store page in the browser that it’s in your phone, you can simply look for the play store just and click on ‘download’ just like you would do, if you were going to upgrade, and hopefully this will give you access to the Play store app without having to download play store APK.

How to download the free store APK for the play Store in an official website

Another method you could use is to download the store directly from an official and reliable website, but this option might keep some people away since they don’t know how to find a page that they find safe enough for them to risk downloading from them. A lot of people will talk about ApkMirror or Uptodown, but there is another page that will help you download it just as easy that everyone will recognize.

What we will show you is how you can download play store APK, in the official softonic page:

  • The first thing you need to do is get into the official softonic page. Once you are in the page you will look in the search bar for the Google Play Store APK for download in the classification Windows – Business & Productivity (like that you will find it in an easier way)
  • You have to make sure that whichever you choose it’s enabled for the software that your Android has.
  • Of course you have to remember to enable the ‘unknown origins’ for you to be able to download it
  • And all you have to do is click on the ‘download’ This app can work on your phone but you can also download it for your PC.

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