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Monday, April 1, 2019

how to detect and eliminate viruses in Android

Android malware adopts all shapes and sizes. Here we explain how to defend your smartphone against this threat.

For a long time, mobile viruses were considered something of a myth. However, it collapsed when a group of hackers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia named 29a created a virus called Cabir that sent a number of professional cybersecurity laboratories as proof of concept. When installed, the virus, a network worm, infected the Symbian and Series 60 operating systems through an active Bluetooth connection and showed the word "Cabir" on the infected phone's screen. However, being just a proof of concept, it did not cause any harm.

Unfortunately, since then more dangerous variants have emerged. Some of the most popular examples are:

  • SymOS / Kiazha.A: a ransomware trojan for the Symbian operating system that erased incoming and outgoing SMS messages.
  • CommWarrior: another threat that resets the phone on the 14th of each month. Skull images are installed as a background, and the file also disables programs and applications. It also converts all the phone's icons into images of the pirate flag or puzzle.
Types of viruses for mobile

Mobile phones have become a fundamental part of our lives, but, unfortunately, they have also become a much more succulent target for cybercriminals. This is logical if we take into account that almost all of us keep important information on the phone, such as bank details and confidential information in our accounts. Android viruses take many forms. Each one has singularities and input vectors designed according to a certain vulnerability. Below, we present the most common ...

to solve any infection problem in your mobile devices android we recommend using apps that work very well analyzing and searching in the deepest part of the mobile memory and completely clean the viruses, the avast app is a good alternative.

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